Things you hate about working with freelancers (and we do too):

  • Fiddly hourly billing. Do you need to know that someone had a ten-minute bathroom break? Definitely not.
  • Vague and unexplained flat rate billing. Yes, I know this thing costs me £200, but what does that include? Why does it cost that much? What exactly are you doing?
  • When you have to hold their hand. You're a business owner. You have a lot to do. You don't have time to basically do their job for them.
  • When they don't communicate what they're doing at all. Again, you're a business owner. You need to know what's being done for and on behalf of your business.
  • Rinse-and-repeat solutions. The same marketing solution isn't going to work for your wedding photography business as for the IT provider up the road. They're completely different businesses and need completely different strategies.

We're not freelancers. Not that kind, anyway.

We value transparency, honesty, and storytelling. Your business is different from any other because of who you are, and we want to honour that in the way we market it.



Whether you were getting married yourself, shopping with a friend or family member, or just binge-watching Say Yes to the Dress from your couch, you know how it goes. A bride walks in with a budget and an idea of what she wants, and sometimes she walks out with exactly that. Sometimes she walks out with an entirely different dress. It depends a lot on how many dresses she's tried on, how much she knows about the industry, and how well the consultant does her job.

The worst thing in that process is when the consultant and the bride don't have the same vision.

Sometimes it's the bride's fault – unrealistic expectations, maybe – and sometimes it's the consultant's. It's especially painful to see struggles over budget, where the bride is unhappy with the version of her dream dress that fits in her budget but the consultant is trying to make a point. Or, worse yet, the consultant refuses to listen to the bride's budget at all, putting her in designer gowns when she needs off-the-rack, budget-friendly options.

My promise to you is that I will never be that consultant.

As a small business owner or entrepreneur, you have a small marketing budget at best. At worst, you may not have ANY budget. Regardless of where you stand, I will never present you with options that are completely out of your price range. I also promise never to shortchange you on the quality of service and content because of how much you can spend. 

The best part of wedding dress shopping is when a bride finds a dress that makes her feel far more beautiful than she thought she could on her budget. THAT is the experience we're aiming for.

You want quality content and quality marketing that will bring you quality leads and sales, and I want to help you deliver those whether your budget is big or nonexistant. Check out my services page to see my most popular packages, download my free guide for the most budget-friendly advice around, or contact me to figure out something in between!