How to Crush Your Q1 Content Plan in the Week Between Christmas and New Year's

Ahhh, the week between Christmas and New Years. Most people are home from work, and it seems to be the time we set aside for whatever looming task has been bouncing around on our to-do list. For me (Sam) this year, it’s finishing the edits on my book. I’ve got a nice deadline, as my publisher needs it in the new year to send to foreign publishers. But when it’s something you’re doing purely for yourself or your business, it can be harder to feel motivated between the Christmas dinner food coma and the all-day movie marathons on the Hallmark Channel.

If you’re looking to make the most of the week between Christmas and New Year’s by creating your Q1 2019 content calendar, here are 5 things you can tackle either all in one day or one per day from the 26th to the 30th:


Yes, really! Keyword research influences so much of your content strategy (or at least it should), so finding some relevant keywords is key (pun intended) to developing your content plan for 2019. Hop onto the Google Keyword Planner and do an hour’s worth of searching. You should be able to find a few dozen keywords to work with in the new year.


Take your newly formed list of keywords and start coming up with relevant topics that your ideal customer would find valuable. Then you can start categorising them. Your biggest, most exciting ones should be your trainings if you do any. Any that practically solve immediate issues should be your lead magnets. I recommend 2-4 of these per year. Others you think you could write a lot about can be blog posts (may be semiweekly, weekly, biweekly, or monthly). There should be some that don’t quite justify blog posts but could make for good email content. Then, everything else that’s left is social media content. If you think it sounds too juicy for social media, then that’s a good thing. People don’t give away enough value on SM, so you can stand out by how much value you offer.


The Planoly calendars are really nice, but you could use literally anything. Arrange your content so that it makes sense with your promotional calendar, your holidays, and anything else major going on in the year. Then you can see where the gaps are and fill them in by repeating step 2.

Once you’ve done that, work backwards from each major deliverable (lead magnets, blog posts, etc.) and give yourself a timeline for working on each thing.


Most people don’t use their own images for everything these days. Head over to a site like Unsplash, Pexels or Pixabay and find images that match what you’re talking about, look beautiful and are on-brand. If you need graphics, use a site like Canva to make them quickly and for free. Then make a list of all the photos you need to take or things you need designed.


If you’re still inspired after all that work, start actually creating the content you’ve planned out. If you’re not, schedule in some content creation time. Don’t wait for inspiration to strike, because there will always be a reason not to do it. Instead treat it like any other part of your business and just do it.

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