5 Ways to Target Your Ideal Client Online

Any good marketing coach or course or blog post like this one will tell you that the first thing you need to do is know thy audience. Who is your target client? What do they look like, live like, and act like? What social networks do they spend time on? What do they like to do/buy/watch/read/listen to? Who else lives with them? WHERE do they live? What do they do? How much money do they make? How does all of that affect what they like to do/buy/watch/read/listen to?

If you’ve never been through an exercise like this, then you should stop reading right now and do it. None of your marketing will ever be as effective if you don’t figure this out FIRST. The more intimately you know your ideal client, the more relevant you’ll be able to make your content, and the more likely you’ll be to find them online and be able to target them with that super relevant content.

But let’s suppose you’ve already done that. You know your ideal client inside and out, and you’ve even named them. Let’s call her Jane as an example. Once you know who Jane is, how do you target her with your marketing? Here are 5 ways:

1. Hashtags

A good hashtag strategy is a gold mine, and the good news is it’s not difficult to put together. Simply find Jane on Instagram (yes, actually find her, or as many people as you can who fit her description) and make a list of the hashtags they’re using regularly. Find the ones that even tangentially relate to things you talk about, preferably ones with 2k-500k posts per hashtag, and start using those with your photos. The next time Jane clicks through to see other posts in a hashtag she participates in, your post will be there.

2. SEO content

What is Jane searching for online? Is she a newly engaged bride looking for a wedding photographer in Dorset? If so, she’s probably searching “Dorset wedding photographer.” Or, if she’s already picked her venue, which let’s say is called Wedding Venue, she may search for “Wedding Venue wedding photos” to see pictures of how other brides have decorated and used the space for photos. Either way, there’s an opportunity for you to show up in those results if you have relevant content on your page that contains those keywords.

The key is to think of the keywords that a) aren’t too generic, b) are relevant to your business and c) ideally will be used when the client is at the point of wanting to actually make a booking or purchase. Then create blog and static web page content using those keywords in a natural and relevant way. Eventually (quite quickly, in fact) Google will start to pick up on the fact that your blog is a relevant source for this topic and will recommend it higher in the results.

3. Paid advertising

One of the most obvious ways to target is through paid advertising. There have even been some experiments lately where individual people have been targeted (without cookie data/retargeting) because companies knew their details so specifically. Whether you use Facebook and Google’s targeting options or retarget web visitors using a pixel, paid advertising is a great way to target your ideal client, and it doesn’t have to break the bank. On Facebook, $5 per day is sufficient to get a campaign started.

4. Influencer marketing

Let’s go back to Jane’s Instagram account and do some more snooping. Whom does Jane follow, specifically focusing on people whose other followers may also be Janes? Does that person accept partnerships? If you can find an influencer with good engagement and past campaign results, it may be worth seeing how you can partner together to reach their audience, maybe by offering them your product or service for free and paying a small fee, plus giving their audience a deal.

5. Video content

The stats keep coming in, and video keeps being crowned KING. YouTube is now the second biggest search engine in the world, owned by the biggest. If you create strong video content and use those same SEO principles for naming your video and giving it keyword-rich descriptions and metadata, you can reach Jane in a highly engaging and share-worthy way. The kicker with video content is to make it high quality so that it elevates your brand and compels Jane to take action.

So the next time you’re trying to figure out how to get more clients, go back to Jane and try one of these methods for finding more people just like her. And if you’d like some help honing your focus and putting together your strategy, drop us a line to see how we can help.