The Importance of Customer Experience

Last night, I went on a bit of a story rant on Instagram about the importance of customer experience. You can watch the story if you're curious about what inspired it, but the important takeaway was that customer experience is the number one most important thing in your business.

That's right, it's not branding. It's not marketing. It's not even your product or service, though that's part of it. No, the most important part of your business is how the customer feels as they interact with you and your product or service.

If they feel valued and appreciated and supported and inspired, your business will probably succeed, even if you don't have any of the other bells and whistles like a top-notch sales funnel or captivating branding. And if they feel devalued and unsupported and like you care more about chasing the next paycheck than fulfilling your promises to them, then your business has an expiration date on it. You might see some success up front, but eventually things will catch up with you. They always do.

Because when you're marketing your business, you're making promises whether you realise it or not: promises regarding what they'll receive, how much access they will have to you and your team, and the change your product or service will create for them.

Whether your product is as simple as a pencil or as complex as a customised software solution, you're making all of these promises and more. And if you don't put as much energy into your customer experience as you do into your marketing, you're probably breaking these promises somewhere along the way.

So instead of spending ALL your spare time worrying about how to get MORE customers, spend some time considering how you can improve the customer experience for the ones you already have. It just may turn them into ambassadors for your brand because they're so impressed. And then, when you do get more customers through marketing, you'll know that you're making promises you can fulfill.

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