What To Do When You’ve Been Ghosted By a Social Media Manager

Yesterday, we got a new client in our least favourite way. It happens disturbingly often: we get a frantic message from someone saying they’ve been ghosted by their SMM, and they’re locked out of their accounts. Or there’s a giant batch of bot followers sat in their account. They want to know what to do and when, and we feel responsible to point them in the right direction. Here is the advice we give them regarding what they should do first:

1. Change all your passwords

This one may seem obvious, but it’s important that you do it as soon as possible. A disturbing number of my clients have ended up locked out of their own accounts because they didn’t change passwords immediately. If it’s Facebook, remove them from the page straight away and make sure they haven’t added or removed anyone else.

2. Dispute the payment if you can

It is NOT a red flag if someone has asked for payment up front (we do this as well), but if the person then completely disappears, this is no good. Whether you’ve paid online through PayPal or Stripe, used a credit card, sent a cheque or used a direct debit or bank transfer, you should be able to dispute it and file a claim.

3. Look through your content

Make sure that nothing offensive or off-brand has been posted. It should be easy to see, but you want to be thorough in this, reading every caption and watching every video.

4. Check the accounts you’re following

Make sure you’re not following any offensive, inappropriate or suspicious accounts. If your followers see this, it could reflect poorly on your brand.

5. Read through your messages & activity log

Most platforms will offer an activity log to give you a breakdown of all the likes, comments and other activity that has been done from your account recently. Make sure you scroll through this to look for anything suspicious. The same goes for your inbox, and be sure to look in message requests and deleted messages.

6. Check permissions and integrations

Make sure no apps have been authorised or integrations have been enabled that you didn’t authorise. This person could still be getting your data if an integration is set up.

7. Contact a TRUSTED professional who can do an audit to see if you have anything else to worry about

Once you’ve made sure nothing horrible or offensive has been done, contact a trusted marketing pro. Here at Regale Media, we offer discounted audits for those who have been ghosted. It’s terrible how frequently it happens, but we’re happy to help those business owners get some peace of mind (and also know that not all social media managers are trying to scam them!)

Have you been ghosted? We are so sorry you had that experience. Get in touch today so we can help you make sure you don’t have anything to worry about.