How much does it actually cost to outsource marketing and social media?

The other day on our Instagram stories, we posted asking people how much they thought it costs on average to outsource social media. The options ranged from $500 to $5,000+ per month, and the average guess was just over $1,000.

But guess what? The average cost of outsourcing at least 2 platforms of social media is $5,500 per month.

That’s right, the answer was nearly FIVE TIMES what people expected. Now, as someone who sells social media services, it may seem counter-intuitive for us to say this, but it’s important for us to take a deep dive into everything that goes into what we do and why it’s worth what we charge.

Now, that figure includes traditional agencies, which charge a lot more because of their overhead and high profile. It also includes a wide range of offerings, from content curation on two platforms to complex strategies with dozens of channels and high quality content creation. It includes the social media for businesses of every size, from one-man operations to Fortune 100 companies. It especially includes what we do: personalised strategies for small businesses who want to attract their ideal customers online.

Don’t worry, our social media services don’t typically cost $5,500 per month. In fact, our average client retainer is about £1,200 per month, or just over $1,500. Here are a few reasons our prices are much lower than that average:

  1. We work with small businesses, not Fortune 100 companies. Our clients tend to have smaller budgets, and we don’t think that should exclude them from marketing success and keep them from competing with those companies.

  2. We don’t have any overhead! Okay, that’s not true. We have some overhead. We have advertising budgets, memberships for continued education, outsourcing fees for internal work, and Spotify Premium to pay for, of course. But we don’t have offices, staff, or corporate events to pay for. We don’t wine and dine high profile clients. We don’t send people to expensive conferences that have nothing to do with our clients. So what we do have is so small that when spread across our clients it’s practically nonexistent.

  3. We’re a small team. Only one person is being paid for each thing that’s done for our clients. Not an intern who reports to an executive who reports to a manager who reports to a director. Just Sam or someone from her small team, each with their own specialties.

That said, we’re not the cheapest out there. You can find brand new SMMs or people in other countries charging far less than us. So similar to the first list, here are some reasons are prices aren’t rock bottom:

  1. We have a decade of experience. Sam has been working in marketing for 10 years. Actually, between us, we have about 40 years of marketing experience. During that time, we collected experiences with all kinds of companies and industries, which allows us to create the perfect strategy for each of our clients.

  2. We’re good at what we do. We don’t just get likes and comments and followers for our clients. We earn them money by attracting their ideal clients online. And that makes the higher investment worth it.

  3. Our prices ensure that our clients understand the value of what we do. We’ve tried the rock bottom prices before. And, to be fair, a lot more business owners could afford us, which was nice. But we found that not everyone understood the value in what we were doing until we raised our prices. Now we create free content to help everyone, and when people are ready to invest, we have our paid services available.

Cost can be an uncomfortable thing to talk about in marketing, mainly because it’s hard to predict how effective it will be until you get started. But when you have a decade of proven experience, it’s far from taboo to talk about. Click here to view our services page, or contact us to learn more about what we do, why we do it, and how much we do it for!