8 Ways to Have More Fun With Your Marketing

This time of year can be really hard for some people – you’ve been working away for a few weeks at those New Year’s goals and resolutions, and you’re starting to feel the burnout. What you imagined to be an exciting adventure doesn’t feel very FUN anymore.

Well, the good news is that there’s always something you can do to make your marketing more enjoyable! Read through the 8 ideas we’ve listed below and see if any of them could infuse new life into your marketing.

1. Only use platforms you actually enjoy

News flash: you don’t have to use platforms you don’t enjoy! If you hate Twitter (me), stop using it. If you hate Instagram, STOP USING IT. If it’s where your ideal clients hang out, you may want to review who your ideal client is. But if you’re not enjoying a platform, it’s okay not to use it. Click here for more information about choosing your platforms.

2. Show off your personality

Especially if you’re a small business or personal brand, it’s important to add some personality into whatever you do online, even if it’s not completely work-related. Throw in some emojis to your business-related content, or post personal content on social media. Instagram stories are a great place for this because they go away after 24 hours, and Twitter is also great because of the volume of content. Always keep your brand in mind and don’t post anything that would damage it, but also don’t be afraid to be yourself online. Social media was created for people, after all.

3. Give yourself a nice setup that you’re excited to share

Does the thought of sharing a photo of your dim spare room make you cringe? Treat yourself to a few things to liven it up. Buy a cute mug, hang some nice artwork on the walls, and download an exciting desktop background. When you have a nice setup, you’ll be more excited to share it.

4. Keep social media social

Don’t forget that social media was created for being SOCIAL. Like, with other people. Find yourself an engagement group or hashtag community that’s supportive and excited, and start engaging with them in a meaningful way. You’ll be far more likely to show up if you have people welcoming you.

5. Get your clients to do your content creation for you

Don’t know what to post? Let your customers lead the way! User-generated content is a great solution for creative blocks. If you have a physical location, look at your geotag online to see what people are posting there. If not, see what you’re being tagged in, and start sharing that. It’s a great way not only to have additional content but also to tap into the power of word of mouth marketing.

6. Celebrate your wins

Did you finally hit 1k followers on Instagram? Celebrate! Did you hit your revenue goals? Celebrate! Sign a client you’re excited about? That’s right – CELEBRATE! You can even post your celebrations and wins if you want. Celebration is proven to improve our attitude toward things, so give it a go to keep yourself motivated in your marketing.

7. Batch work

If you really don’t enjoy something, why make yourself do it every day? Outsource your marketing so that you don’t have to touch it for days at a time. Pretty much everything can be scheduled, so there’s no need to make yourself miserable day in and day out.

8. Outsource the things you don’t enjoy

Of course, nothing turns a frown upside down faster than getting rid of something you don’t like. If you really struggle to find the fun in your marketing, just outsource it. It really can be that simple. It doesn’t have to be all or nothing either. If you love taking photos but hate writing, have someone write your content based on your images. If you love content creation but hate the scheduling and technology side of things, there’s someone for that as well. Check out our services page to see what Regale Media has to offer.

No matter what part of your marketing you’re struggling with, there’s a way to make it more fun (or at least less painful). Try these 8 steps to fall in love with marketing your business again and start connecting with your audience in a meaningful and fulfilling way.