Subscription Service with 300 Followers Makes $6300 on Instagram in Three Weeks

This summer, I worked with an entrepreneur who had really embraced the idea of niching down. She was a photographer and marketing pro who offered a social media content subscription service for pediatric dentists in the US. Isn’t that incredible?? So specific.

Being a photographer, she had gorgeous photos for us to work with, which I think was the biggest contributing factor in our success. Instagram is a visual platform, and her visuals were top notch.

After just three weeks of management, her account had seen incredible growth, but more importantly she had gained new clients. Here’s how we accomplished it:

Services rendered:

  • photo curation

  • graphic creation

  • caption writing

  • Instagram posts 2x per day

  • custom hashtag strategy

  • outbound DM strategy offering free photos for pediatric dentists to use

Package cost: $750

Starting Instagram followers: 340

Timeline: 3 weeks

Instagram followers upon completion: 553

Follower increase: 63% (average rate for new accounts is 3-8% per month, so this is 12x the average rate)

New clients via Instagram link: 7

Estimated CLV: $900 (18 months on a $50/month subscription)

Total revenue from campaign: $6,300

ROI: 740%

740% ROI is no joke. That’s the kind of game-changing investment that could take your business to the next level. Our three week experiment has allowed her to have a strategy for the next few months, growing even further and gaining even more clients.

Our strategy was incredibly simple: posting good content consistently, using targeted hashtags, and sending DMs to her ideal clients. To see results like these for yourself, here are our top tips:

  • Understand your target audience incredibly clearly and know what they want to see.

  • Start with beautiful visuals, whether you’re using graphics or photos or both, and aim for as much visual consistency in the feed as possible.

  • Switch up your hashtags every couple of weeks, and make sure you’re using a few different sets (we had 4 for this client).

  • Make sure you have an incredible FREE offer lined up. A lead magnet should offer a quick win for your ideal client.

And if you want someone to help you rock your Instagram, drop us a line and let us know what you need! Whether it’s just a little coaching or some more focused attention, we’ll figure out what will best help you grow.