5 Marketing Resolutions to Make 2019 Your Best Year Yet

Is it even a new year if we don’t share a blog post about resolutions? Best not to find out. Here are the 5 resolutions you should make in your marketing this year in order to make it your best year yet:

1. I will pay attention to quality over quantity

Not every number is important in your marketing. Some of it just makes us feel good. Check out this post for more information on vanity metrics versus KPIs, and remember to focus on WHICH people are liking/commenting/following/subscribing/opting in rather than HOW MANY.

2. I will add value wherever I can

You know when you get a bot comment on your Instagram photo and you roll your eyes and never ever think a single good thought about that account? Yeah, us too. Empty words and generic responses will only cheapen your brand. Real value, on the other hand? That’s what nurtures leads and develops brand loyalty. Make a resolution to add value every time your fingers hit the keys.

3. I will stop comparing myself to others

I feel like this item probably shows up on every resolution list out there, but it’s especially important for business owners. See this post on standing out online for why your USP is your golden ticket to success.

4. I will fill my team with people who complement my strengths

At Regale Media, we have a team of people who operate within their zone of genius, whether it’s content or ads or Pinterest or Instagram or finance or whatever. Chances are you’re better at certain parts of your business than others. This year, be honest with yourself about what that is, and then find people whose strengths complement yours and onboard them, even if it’s just for a tiny piece of the puzzle.

5. I will set realistic expectations when exploring new platforms and strategies

It’s inevitable every time there’s a shiny new platform or strategy someone is touting that people get overly excited. Sure, it may help you improve your marketing. It may help you reach new people. It may help you distribute content and add value and generate leads and loads of other good things. But it’s not going to be the silver bullet for your business. It requires lots of work and constant reassessment like everything else, I promise.

Of course, in order to really make a splash in 2019, there’s nothing quite like a customised strategy to get you there. Contact us today to find out how you can partner with Regale Media to reach your business goals and make 2019 your best year yet!