5 Things to Remember When You're Feeling Burnt Out or Discouraged

Hi readers, Sam coming at ya. I’ve always written these blog posts in the 1st person plural, using “we” to talk about Regale Media as a whole because I do have other people on my team. But today I’m going to talk to you business owner to business owner.

I’ve seen a lot of posts about burnout lately, especially as the end of the year comes and people haven’t hit their goals. Full transparency? We didn’t either. I had some health and family problems in the spring that we didn’t quite recover from. And it’s OKAY to be upset about that, and to be frustrated.

But the last thing I want, even if you’re a competitor, is for you to quit doing something you used to love. I think it was Anna Kendrick who said on a podcast recently that her mother never let her quit something on a bad day; that she had to wait for a day when everything went right, and then if she still wanted to quit she could.

So instead of quitting on a bad day, I hope you’ll take my 5 feeble bits of advice to heart and carry on until things turn around.

1. You are allowed to be frustrated

A while back, we posted about positivity vs authenticity on social media, and we got a pretty negative response. A lot of people assumed we were calling them out -- even people we had never heard of before. But we realised that’s because a LOT of people have been told that you have to present a “good vibes only”-style front when you’re online as a business instead of an individual.

But the reality is that no one feels only good vibes. No one is happy 100% of the time. And despite what you see on social media, no one posting inspirational quotes believes every moment of every day that they’re true. You’re allowed to have frustrations. You’re allowed to be discouraged. And you’re allowed to talk about it.

2. No one else has it figured out either

I’ve been running Regale Media for only 2 years, but I’ve been working in digital marketing for nearly a decade. I get burnt out. I get discouraged. And I don’t instantly succeed every time I take on a new client. I don’t have it all figured out. No one does. Things change too quickly in the digital space for that to be true. So take every “proven formula” with a grain of salt, and don’t feel too discouraged if it doesn’t work like someone told you it would.

3. Failing is an important ingredient in the recipe for success

Failure sucks, but it’s an important part of your process. Check out this post for an honest discussion about what failure feels like and what you can do to make it mean something instead of just being a proverbial punch in the gut.

4. You are allowed to take a break

Burn out is the fastest way to run your business into the ground. When you’re feeling exhausted, whether it’s physically, mentally or creatively, you make bad decisions. Your instinct is off, so you put out content and products you normally wouldn’t. Then you make decisions to try to fix those mistakes out of desperation, which is usually even worse. Burn out is a whirlpool that will suck you right down to rock bottom.

So instead, take a break. Honestly. If you can afford it, hire someone to run things for you while you’re gone. But even if you can’t, taking a short break that will refresh and reinvigorate you will likely cost you less than carrying on in your current state. If you feel like you’re nearing your breaking point, then let yourself break for a bit. Then pick yourself up and move forward.

5. You’re not alone

Lastly and, I would argue, most importantly, YOU ARE CERTAINLY NOT ALONE. I’m here. Other business owners that I know are here. And we want to encourage you.

Normally at the end of a blog post I would plug a relevant service or programme, but today I just want to say, DM me. Send me a message if you’re feeling discouraged. I want to hear about it. I promise not to try to placate you or put a band aid on your frustration. That’s never helped anyone. But I do want to talk about it with you and just be here for you. Click here to email me, or send me a DM on Instagram (@regalemedia) to chat.