Regale Media is a marketing content and strategy consultancy created by Sam Gale. But what does that mean? "Regale" (besides having Sam's surname in it) means to tell a story, and that's exactly what she wants to do for you. By creating marketing content and strategies for growth that are true to both your brand story and your business goals, we can create lasting connections with your ideal customers that result in actual sales.

Sam is the one on the other end of all your emails, phone calls and coffee dates. Her team consists of social media engagement specialists, designers, and other freelancers who share her vision of helping small businesses and entrepreneurs reach their business goals.



Sam has been writing professionally for nearly a decade and marketing online for almost as long. Always a bit entrepreneurial, she sought out freelance clients whilst in high school to help pay for college, and her drive continued throughout her studies so that, by the time she left school, she had an established customer base.

She went on to work at 2 different Atlanta-area agencies and an eyeglass retail brand before moving to the UK to get her MA in Creative Writing. Then she fell in love and stayed, so now Bournemouth is her permanent home, and she couldn't be happier. After all, she gets to see the beach whenever she wants!

Sam launched Regale Media in 2018 after a couple of years of less formal freelancing in order to grow her own business. She has a fabulous team of fellow freelancers that sometimes help out, especially on things for her own business, but it's very important to her to be involved in every piece of client work with her name on it.

quick facts:

  • American (North Carolina born & bred) living in Bournemouth, UK with her partner Alex

  • Definitely the type to move to England for grad school & fall irrevocably in love with a Brit (she's got a record, y'all)

  • Board game enthusiast: fav games are Machi Koro & Takenoko

  • Bonafide nerd: favourite DnD character to play is an elven druid

  • Keen reader: favourite book of all time is The Hobbit, & favourite recent book is The Night Circus

  • Soon-to-be-published fiction author! See for more info.

  • Loves travel, & is even launching a travel brand later this year (stay tuned for updates & opportunities) – recent trips include Italy and Japan, and upcoming trips include Belize, Greece and South Africa

  • Speaks Spanish, but not as well as she thinks she does after a few margaritas

  • Loves to bake & is on a mission to write 50 of her own recipes before she turns 30 – ask her about her mission to find the perfect brownie



Some marketing service providers will focus on the quick sale over forming lasting relationships with the right customers. Some marketing service providers will be more concerned about their paycheck than your brand. Some marketing service providers will focus too much on follower count and list size and not enough on actual business growth.

But we're not "some marketing service providers."

We're Regale Media, and we like to do things a bit differently.

We put your brand first. We focus on forming lasting connections with your ideal customers. And we will always be honest about what we think the best move is for your business, even if it's not us, because we know that what goes around comes around.

so here’s what we promise you…

We will always be transparent with you about what we're doing, why we're doing it, and how we're doing it. We don't believe in keeping our processes a secret for the sake of job security.

We will never recommend a strategy that we don't believe is right for your business, no matter how lucrative it would be for us.

We will always respect your budget. Like trying on a wedding dress that's way out of your budget, discussing elaborate paid strategies is just disappointing without the budget to support it. We will focus on strategies that make the most of the resources you have available.

We will never focus on vanity metrics such as likes and follower count. Social proof is nice, but we're interested in actual business results that affect your bottom line.

We will always go after a lasting relationship with your ideal customer over the quick sale. The quick sale is usually possible, but it's not often sustainable as a business model or marketing strategy.

We will never lose sight of your brand's story and who you are as a business owner.


To learn more about what we offer, see our SERVICES page. Better yet, book a free 60-minute discovery call with us! You'll come away with 3 action items that you can implement right away. Click here to book